Hong Kong’s goal of becoming an international higher education hub certainly looks realistic, due to its attractive lifestyle, high-performing universities as well as world-class research. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government is determined to make Hong Kong a regional education hub,” states Tsui, adding that many measures have been taken to this end. “For instance, restrictions of entry visas have been relaxed in recent years, and permission has been given to non-local graduates to stay in Hong Kong for employment. Graduates can stay for one year to find a job. There is no quota for recruitment of international graduate students, especially PhD students.”

  • Cheaper Public Transportation
  • Best Food
  • East Meets West Culture.
  • Diverse Adventures and Easy Travel.
  • Safe and well-connected city.
  • Established education hub.
  • Hub of opportunities.
  • Great Location.
  • A Vibrant City.
  • Cheap Funding and Costs.