Denmark is basically located in northern Europe and it is one of the parts of Scandinavia. It consists of Jutland peninsula, the larger islands of Zealand, Funen, and Lolland-Falster and 429 other named islands between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, 72 of which are inhabited. When you arrive in Denmark you will probably notice the relaxed atmosphere, a lot of people on bikes, and that things generally run smoothly. A blend of stately old buildings as well as modern sustainable, architecture speaks of cities that treasure the old but love.

A country which is one of the world’s safest countries. Crime rates are low- plus you can get access to a comprehensive public healthcare system.

  • A Safe and Balanced Society.
  • A Green Lifestyle.
  • Good quality of life.
  • A nation of cyclists.
  • The World’s oldest Monarchy.
  • Income and Gender Equality in Denmark.
  • Sustainability and the Danes.
  • Events and Festivals.
  • Scholarships & Grants.
  • Diverse Geography & Outdoor Activities.
  • Unique Social Life & Traditions.
  • Wildlife & National Parks.
  • Happiest Country in the World.
  • Exotic Food Culture.