Things you must consider for Studying in Canada

Here is a complete list of things you need to consider for studying in the USA.

1- Dates- Application-Admission- Eligibility :

Many times we do not pay keen importance on dates and deadlines and thus miss many online procedures. Usually, most USA colleges have two intakes- spring (Jan), fall (Aug/Sep) the deadline for each is different and changes often.

2- Universities/ colleges/ Scholarships/ Tuition Fees :

Choosing the right college and university as per your profile is highly important. You need to assess the tuition fee as well. A few colleges in USA are pretty expensive despite having grants. Also, not every college in the USA offers grant and those who do expect an early application.

3- Memorize 24-hour clock:

Military organization/24 hour clock is what Americans use to refer to the timings of the day. For Indians, it is a tough management as we aren’t used to of using the 24-hour format. To ensure that you have a better sense of time while abroad, learn the 24-hour format beforehand.

4- Metric conversions and Celsius/Fahrenheit

Whenever you fill up a form or offer measurement of your stature/weight, you need to be very specific about the US metric scale. In the USA, height is measured in cms and weight in lbs. also, you must know the contrast between Celsius/ Fahrenheit. Most of the American establishments have air-conditioning systems that make it easy to survive when it is chilly winter.

5- Knowing the country and the culture:

A few of the important points to know about the country and its culture include:

  • a) Focus on the broader picture : While most of the regions enjoy being minimalistic and compact, Americans cherish their spirit for bigger things. They own colossal trucks and enormous SUVs as Americans think bigger is better. Just like vehicles, Americans also enjoy food in a bigger aspect. Most eateries offer big portions of food in servings.
  • b) Always be set to go : Most of the time Americans are in hurry. They keep on pacing from one arrangement to another to ensure meeting the deadlines. Most of their food s made suitable for this arrangement and is available to eat on-the-go.
  • c) Be politically correct : USA has a diversified population and thus have a mix of societies and individuals’ differences. While you are communicating with others, be sensitive in expressing your thoughts. Keep in mind the ages, sexual orientations, political accuracy, and races when you approach someone.
  • d) Small talk : Casual chitchat is the way Americans love to communicate. Climate, sports, or prevalent TV programs are the common topics Americans love to talk about. Try and indulge in small talks than discussing something controversial.