10 highest paying part time jobs in Canada

10 highest paying part time jobs in Canada

If you are planning to study in Australia, there are some handsome part-time jobs to do that can earn you some real living. May you have a digital skill or know how to fix a broken mobile phone, the opportunities for you earning some great amount are amazing. It is important to support your living while you are living in a foreign land, studying the best courses sponsored by your parent’s hard earned money.

With part-time jobs, you can cut short their burden at least a little. Here are the 10 best part-time jobs that you can do while studying in Canada :

Become a driver :

Join Uber or contact a school and start as a driver. It is one great way to use your passion for driving to earn a respectable income.

Become a Tutor :

You are good in a subject, start imparting your knowledge and help children have a brighter future. You can either join an online medium or start home tuitions. Both the ways, it is a great way to earn a handsome income.

Wait tables :

If you want some quick money, waiting a table can earn you as much as $20 dollar in an hour through tips. People in Canada are courteous enough to leave a tip behind.

Mail carrier :

This doesn’t sound so pleasing but actually, it is. You can earn a good amount of money as a mail carrier. Say, around $19 per hour or more.

Stylist :

Join a salon or start as a freelancer, if you know how to style makeup and hair, you are good to start as a stylist.

Authorized agent :

If you love trotting and got some experience, why not help others in making their trips successful. Working as a travel agent can fetch you some good money and excitement.

Oral Hygienist :

If you have an associate degree, you can try your luck as an oral Hygienist. One great way to earn a lucrative income.

Personal Trainer :

If you are a fitness freak and think you can help others, become a fitness trainer or gym instructor, there are a lot of people who want to get in shape.

Makeover Artist :

If you love makeup and know how to do it right, there is a lot of scope in becoming a makeover artist. You can get paid well if you get hired for a wedding. These are some of the part-time jobs to do and earn a reasonable income in Canada.